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While on vacation is St. Thomas I decided to look at real estate. St Thomas Villas are reasonably priced and can earn a lot of extra revenue. You have to decide on what type of St Thomas villa you need. You can choose from luxury villas, to condo’s to apartments. What’s important is what you’ll do with the villa.

The place is bestowed with all kinds of facilities ranging from better medical services to good financial advisors, from big shopping malls to excellent banking services. It is a worthy point to remember that this island has many huge golf courses with golf carts that allow you to have wonderful golf experiences.

The Beatles tribute band Dr. Robert will play two costume parties at the Mallardi Theatre March 6. A gumbo cook-off and Mardi Gras Parade on Elk Avenue round out the celebration in addition to the numerous costume and masquerade balls scheduled. Presented by Gunnison-Crested Butte tourism Association.

They would loan Greece an ADDITIONAL hundred billion or so dollars, with the full understanding that this would not be nearly enough to cover any of the things like social services that the Greek citizens has already lost…and would not be nearly enough to help re-start the engines on the Greek economy.

As you opplev verden around in the humidity, heat and fumes of one of Asia’s largest cities, to the first timer. It can appear to be another big, metropolis, without much heart or soul, but really there are many exciting sightseeing tours for you to enjoy and become more knowledgeable so exploring the city can be a rewarding experience and you will discover the heart n soul and so much more on your journey. Bangkok a very easy place to get lost! thank goodness for taxis, tuk tuk’s, the sky train and the express ferries on the chayo phraya river.

I don’t know about you, but I’m so used to the average branded pen that they don’t even warrant my attention anymore. Ditto on the little refrigerator calendars. Hey, I may just be a writer but even I might also be a potential customer, and if you aren’t catching my attention, are you catching the attention of others?

Traveling to Thame won’t be time that’s wasted, because they offer some of the best scenery, and hotels. Did we mention the food? The food may be different from what you are used to, especially if you come from America. When you get hungry, do not forget to stop in at some of the finest restaurants in town. Honestly, it will be hard to choose just one place to eat at, because they all look inviting.