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Online video has exploded in popularity within the past couple of years. Internet users can use it to view just about any type of content imaginable. The combination of broadband internet and websites like YouTube make online video easily, accessible and popular for internet users.

Again, your book is a tool, a calling card – and selling it isn’t about content, but marketing. The marketing of the book is more important than the book itself – so put most of your time, energy, and resources into that.

YouTube has a subscription option where anyone one who visits your video or channel can subscribe to your channel to stay updated if you put out a new video. This is a great way to market to your video subscribers and keep them coming back more value and visit your website.

This is for all those people who want to add illustrations, and color, and formatting… All those bells and whistles cost a lot of money. A good book sells; a fancy book just prolongs the manufacturing process, delaying revenue. Spend your money on marketing instead.

The first berita hari ini to make it to my list is the clip of former American Idol contestant, Kellie Picker’s appearance on the television game show, Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader. Kellie Pickler inspired a slew of dumb blonde jokes with her hilarious performance. My take is that the infectiously cute Miss Picker is much smarter than we give her credit. This version of the video received over four million views. There are several other versions available, but this one is in my opinion the best. Watching Kellie Pickler’s video makes me feel just a little bit smarter.

The new video, continues right where the other one stopped. It shows Jimmy Kimmel enter the room wearing a pink shirt and using a fire extinguisher to put out the flames on the girl on fire. The girl, who was named Caitlin Heller in the YouTube clip, was later revealed to be a stunt woman named Daphne Avalon.

Faith based marketing can help you earn some traffic for your website. But there are certain limitations in this case which might have an effect on your marketing strategies. So choose the best way to take your business to new heights.