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As creators of reality most of us have found something in life that helps us feel the essence of ourselves. Something that makes us feel alive and connected, comforted, inspired. When life becomes confusing, uncertain, or fearful, we turn to our meditation, be it music or art or fishing or dancing, to help return us to a state of normalcy. For me, it’s growing plants. All my life I have enjoyed gardening. It is my meditation. I have always been fascinated by the miracle of nature that can take a small seed and evolve it into a mango tree, or tomato plant or giant redwood. As a gardener I feel a part of that miraculous process, as I strive to create the environment that allows this process to work.

Invest the right way; you want to invest in stocks when you are still young and when you get older move to bonds. Stocks are a good long-term investment strategy. If you’re still young when the market turns south, you’ll have plenty of years left ahead of you to make it up. As you get older, invest in bonds.

There can be many types of gigs: writing, fortune telling, designing, social marketing and a host of other things. But wait; there can be something you never expected as well. You may have to pose as somebody’s girlfriend in order to make his former girlfriend jealous!

First, you need to decide why you want to become a demonstrator. Are you looking for a discount on your stamping supplies? Are you hoping to be able to earn enough money to pay for your moro? Or are you hoping to make a part-time income?

Currently I’m within the selling business of work. So naturally, a solo-based business would probably be the route I’d like to go on to pursue. Doing work for somebody else does have it’s rewards and disadvantages, in the same manner as if you are self-employed. My dad possesses a self run business, so that I surely could understand either side. However, if I would have ever be employed by myself, I would better possess enough financial stability before I quit the things I have.

Make sure that you always pay off your credit card balances before the grace period ends. If you fail to do this, you will end up owing much more in interest, and this is where people get into debt problems. Make sure that you pay attention to what purchases you make and be sure to know when the grace period ends.

Read a book on relationships together: Your love is worth nurturing. As soon as you get back together, pick up the latest and greatest book on relationships and spend 15 minutes each night reading a few pages out loud together. This is a great excuse to spend time together, while at the same time you will be learning about how to push each other’s love buttons.

Effective day to day communication is absolutely essential in the workplace. Sadly not all employees are as composed or as articulate as you’d wish. That makes your capacity to be a good listener a major managerial responsibility.