Optimizing Your Linkedin Profile

The stock market saying, “the trend is your friend”, can make you wealthy when investing in stocks and when choosing a home-based business. What does this saying mean? If the stock market is in an uptrend, you should buy stocks, and if the stock market is in a downtrend, you should not buy stocks. In general, it is much more difficult to make money if you invest against the overall trend.

You can submit your feeds on all major search engines; you can integrate them on Feed Directories. And you can integrate your RSS feed into your social network which is what I will focus on this article.

If you don’t have a Web site, Join me gives you an online presence with no hosting fees or design issues, and with good page rankings. Your profile – positive, relevant, and carefully written – is likely to top the results list when someone searches on your name.

Promote Yourself on Twitter: Twitter gives you the ability to reach and connect with a larger audience. Using hashtags can allow you to connect with those that have similar professional interests, and reach people who have not yet heard of you or your brand online. You can provide links to articles or blogs related to your industry, you can grab people’s attention with words of action, stay in contact with customers, and much more. Use Twitter to show people that you’re an expert in your area and you know what you’re talking about.

And remember that social media is called social for a reason. Being too stuffy or corporate in your profile is a guaranteed way to see you ignored. Include some details of your humanness – your interests, hobbies or quirkiness. But balance that with the clients you are wanting to attract. Which means you may want to leave out your passion for getting drunk on weekends unless you are trying to attract alcohol businesses.

LOCAL MEETUPS – Finding Meetup clubs in your local area with like-minded individuals… Your goal here is not to vomit your home business on everyone you meet but simply make a relationship. Once you produce a real relationship, you may well introduce your opportunity. Typically an association can take days, or even months to develop.

This kind of success isn’t achieved by sending out daily e-mail blasts, trying to be seen everywhere, or generally annoying people. It’s achieved by having a clear focus, a defined target audience, an optimized website, and an authentic voice behind it all. Put these elements in place and you will be on your way to creating online visibility that produces real results.