Music Promotion Megatips: Building A Buzz Everywhere

If there’s any one obstacle indie band members face in launching their music careers, it’s finding a way to promote their music on a penny-pinching budget. Hey, they’re not called “starving artists” for nothing. Between paying that outrageous bill for a couple of disappointing recording sessions and scraping pennies to afford the cost of producing CD’s and album covers, there’s not much left over to put towards their food, let alone their music promotion. So that raises the question, was all the stress really worth it? If nobody knows about a band’s music, did they just waste all of their time and money on stress and production costs? There must be a better way.

The best way to start promoting your music is to make time to do it. So below you will find a few of my favourite methods to start making time each day for your free music promotion.

This case study is a current project. So far, the clubs/venues love it and are looking at the band as “professional.” The media likes it and are opening the doors for music radio playtime. The Non-profits love the donations and are getting the band booked for fundraisers and so more community exposure events. The businesses love to offer their employees discount incentives that are entertaining and stress reducing. And by the way, there are more people attending their shows and becoming fans…

Make your brand name, use a name or label that will catch your fans as well as sell your music. Be creative and original; choose a decent and meaningful name that won’t create controversies about your personality or character.

This is not going to get you any traffic because the whole nature of a blog is that people see you regularly and start to build a relationship with you.

Building a huge fan base is a must if you wish to be signed into any type of “major” deal. No longer are record labels putting millions of dollars up for artists that can’t return the money. This means labels are only going for “sure things”, anyone who will make back the money they spend out on them. Look at all of the empty rosters on record labels that you used to look up to, they’ve started to weed out the weak and keep the strong. Basically this means, if you don’t sell enough records, they won’t hold your hand thru the process, you’ll get the boot! It’s very important to reach out to your fans in any and everyway because it’s them who determine how far you go. Sure you may have the potential, but you’ll still be stuck in the same place if no one else is a believer of it.

Take advantage of the power that you can now control and get your music heard. Once you realize the strength of adding plays and views make sure to use it to you artist and bands advantage. It worth noting that any good music marketing and promotion campaign must be consistent in order to be effective.