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I walked to my letter box, imagine that I will be receiving cheques, slowly, I took my letter box’s key, put in the key, turned and opened the box, and there they were two envelopes. I quickly took the envelopes, check the names, yes, they were both for me. Open them up eagerly, and there they were, my cheques!

You might benefit from hi vis overalls, which will go over your clothes, and help to stay seen whilst protecting your clothes from dirt. If you’re a delivery driver, then you’ll want to stay clean, whilst you deliver your goods. If you’re a surveyor or architect, you might be office based but need to go on site visits too.

I am sure we can all recall a cop guiding traffic that has the fluorescent vest on. While the color may be a bit obnoxious, there is a reason behind the design. A high Visit our website safety vest is designed to ensure ultimate visibility in all weather conditions. They are decked out with hi-viz reflective features like reflective tape to reflect things like oncoming cars.

Thinking about the concept of visibility helps me notice the times I disclaim myself, contract my energy, or otherwise hide behind walls of fear or self-judgment. I have an ever-present inner critic that tells me “not good enough,” or some variation on that theme, way too often. The result is that I don’t speak up when I could contribute, and I don’t show up when I have gifts to offer.

If you’re an emergency services worker such as a fire or police officer, then you’ll need to stay visible, and make sure that others are visible too. You might need to have additional hi vis clothing such as jackets with you in case of an emergency.

There are people who look really successful, write sales letters that make them sound like rock-stars… and aren’t making any money. They want you to think that, but in truth they aren’t. You don’t need to post your financials for the world to see, but just don’t start pumping yourself up as a person with a lifestyle that’s not really yours. People won’t trust you if you’re not honest. Period.

Will everybody print an article by you? No. That’s not going to happen. But what if out of 52 articles you send in a year, they print only 15? It is not bad at all. Especially when it is all free.