Forgotten Valentine’s Day? How To Rescue The Romance

It’s that time of the year to start planning vacations. I personally took a lot of vacations by myself to explore and enjoy the many great vacation spots the U.S. has to offer. I really enjoyed taking in the scenery, but felt kind of lost when seeking places to find women. I was unfamiliar with where the “hot spots” were to meet single women.

This movie, starring Jon Heder and Jon Lovitz, tells the story of a trio of friends, who try to make up for missed opportunities in their childhood when they form their own baseball team and start playing against Little League teams. Could be this years Dodgeball.

Often we start looking for love in all the wrong places. For some reason many of us believe that love actually resides outside of us, when really it resides within us. If as a starting point, you make the decision to love and accept every aspect of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly; you will find that love will naturally begin gravitating towards you. Not only that, you will begin to see love and beauty in all things.

The townspeople sneer at Mary as she walks through town on her way home and when she reaches her car she finds David washing off a bright red “Tramp” stamp. David asks who told Kathryn about the affair and Mary confronts him for lying. She thought they were on the same page, but instead of being honest, he lied and hurt everyone involved. M.M. believes this isn’t real love because True Love is not destructive; she tells David that they just shouldn’t be together and puts an end to their bad escort agency.

Another response is using the three friends like the “three amigos” or “three musketeers,” in a gag scene who work together as friends to fulfill a mission of annoying the heck out of somebody who wronged or hurt them or put others down. So to use anger to save the world from a tyrant in a gag, means saying words that would get on the nerves of the dictator or person in power about whom one can make jokes.

Leadership, it’s the number one thing that girls look for when on a romantic date that guys are sorely lacking. Add this to your dating bag of tricks, and you will see a big improvement in your success.

Take distance: Maybe it isn’t a good idea to see your ex for a while, try to take some distance from the relationship and learn from your sensations and emotions.

Does it take more than romance? Absolutely! There is more involved in saving a marriage after cheating than simply being romantic but romance is an excellent place to begin for the sake of your marriage and the many happy years you hope to have together in the future.