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Christmas presents for Mum… Dad… sister… brother… Aunty Mavis… Uncle Albert… Grandpa Frank… Grandma Doreen… colleagues… bosses… The list is never-ending. Have you got presents for everyone on your Christmas list?

Luxair is the main carrier flying passengers to and from the airport every year. It connects to dozens of EUROPEAN DESTINATIONS, flying both scheduled and seasonal flights. Other carriers flying to Luxembourg Airport include Air France, Lufthansa Airlines, KLM and Swiss International Airlines.

We headed back to Germany on day four. It was another pretty drive, which took us through the town of Schengen, Luxembourg. Schengen is well known for being the site where the Schengen Agreement was signed in 1985 aboard the river boat Princess Marie-Astrid. The Schengen agreement allows citizens of most European countries to travel freely between borders without passport checks.

Most major international airlines now offer flights to Europe. Most will involve a short stop at an airport along the way, in the Middle East or South East Asia. This means a flight to Europe is more manageable instead of being one long slog.

One of the best ways to keep a long distance relationship alive is to plan weekend getaways. These work even better when you surprise your partner with avionske karte waiting at the airport or train tickets at the train station. You can pull off a surprise vacation by simply telling your partner where to be and what type of clothes they should bring.

Going on a cruise might also land you cheap flights. You fly into a port and then one of the stops on your cruise is to this lovely destination. That can be something else you do. There are still other ways to get cheap flights to Malaga.

You couldn’t have pulled off this without everyone’s help. You owe a lot of people thanks. Don’t forget the thank you notes for gifts and cards, but also to those that lent you a hand. It’s the little things that matter most. This includes the caterer, the wedding car company, and the florist. However, you may find that the businesses that you dealt with, such as the wedding car hire company and the caterer send you a thank you note, too.