5 Effective Blog Post Writing Tips

Here we go again. It’s time to come up with another topic for a blog post. It’s not the first time and it’s not going to be the last. Some days it’s easier than others, but it is a continual challenge that bloggers face week after week. Especially if you’re the kind of blogger who likes to run your blog on a schedule. I like to post new blog posts at least twice a week on my own blog. That means I have to come up with 104 topics each year. It may not sound like much, but after a while it does become a challenge to come up with new and inspiring material. The following is intended to help you in that process.

Once your outline is done, collect all of your tips on blogging that you want to put into your ebook. Put each post in its proper position in your outline. This will automatically categorize them. It’s okay if some posts are used placed into the outline more than once. You will sort all of this out later.

blogging isn’t just fun, it is a business that has really taken off. In fact, many people are making full time livings simply by blogging each and every day. Don’t you wish you could spend thirty minutes or so a day writing an entry for your blog and then go do the things you really enjoy in life? You can if you learn how niche blogging works.

Blogs don’t have to be huge tomes to be successful. In fact, some of the best and most successful blogs are short and sweet. A well-written short blog is actually better than a long, boring Moby Dick-like piece that no one wants to read. Fifty words with two or three dashes of a useful keyword phrase will score big points with the search engines, and if it is useful information for your target audience then you’ll also gain ground with those human visitors you want to turn into customers. Do that three to seven times a week for a year and you’ll have a web site that search engines can’t say “No” to.

H. Be consistent; even if it means writing one guest article monthly, do it. Consistency and concentration is a key to success in any marketing campaign; whether online or offline, so keep writing. The more you write, the more your writing skill improves and the more you strengthen your brand image.

Have you published a print or email newsletter, written a column for your professional association’s newsletter, or written articles for magazines? Each article could become a blog post (or maybe two or three).

This applies to your blog posts too. You’ll need a compelling introduction. You could start your blog post with a compelling story. Debunk a myth. Or use a problem-solution approach: Tell the reader what problem he’s having and show that reading your post will give him the solution.

Add up all of these different blog content creation strategies and you really don’t have any excuse for not posting to your blog at least twice a week… some weeks you’ll even manage four posts!