10 Marketing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

I would like to give you a challenge! The challenge is that within 60 days, you are able to generate between 300 and 400 brand new visitors to your website or squeeze page every day without fail and that you are able to convert these visitors to subscribers at the rate of 40 percent. What would that do for your business? What would that do for the amount of income you generated? No doubt, it would make a tremendous difference, and if you are up for the challenge, this is what I suggest you do.

In reality, the sad but honest truth of remuneration for work is: an employer can never pay you what you are really worth. The first reason is a nett value problem. If your employer pays you your real value, then the company simply cannot exist. Where does the company get its surplus value from? From the balance of the true value of your work minus the amount they pay you All new content as a basic income.

Learn from your life lessons and bring them to the coaching process. Be open about how what you have learnt in life will help you to be stronger and get more from coaching.

Find out about free stuff. Do you get anything additional from your coach as well as the coaching time? This may be e-books, access to a coaching support group, teleclasses or ezines.

For me, writing online isn’t about getting hundreds or even thousands of views on one article. I did the facts articles because I thought they were interesting and I wanted to share it. I love that I’ve been able to connect with people from all over the world through my writing. I also love reading the works of other people because I can then see their point-of-view on life and I always learn something!

Again, I lost faith in my God and sank into that dark deep depression. This is when all of the crap started to pile on as I mentioned earlier. I was a lost soul in a tailspin to tragedy. My faith was gone, my health was gone, my hope was gone, and my will to live was gone. Pastor Jerry, would reach out to me from time to time but over then next couple years, we just lost contact. My life was in ruins, I had basically disowned everyone and everything in my life. Depression had control over everything I did or said. As I said earlier, Mary intervened and help me get back on track.

I have to laugh the other day I saw a stunning Barrister with one of those wigs on that they wear in court and I pointed her out to another businessman that was walking next to me and he agreed a stunning intelligent women was in another class. He joked that he wished he could have got her business card and use her for his law work.

If you will take these simple steps you can write an article that will transform lives. I know, I have been doing it for years now and it has paid off in many ways including being allowed to do a weekly column in my local newspaper.