The Making Of A Professional Quality Stock Photo

Before you do, just realize all the uses it still has. Yep, there’s much more that old toothbrush can still do before it finally retires to the garbage can.

Now, what is there that you can do to avoid blurred photographs when the wind is blowing? Set your camera to a smaller f-stop. Then, increase the ISO to photograph the surrounding landscape. Also, use the slow shutter speed when capturing the waterfall itself.

To correct the flaws, you must go to the history palette. If it you did not find it in your desktop, you can find it normally on the right in Photoshop by default. Go to window > Show history. Once you have located your history palette, select the bold arrow-button on its right side. Click and hold it until a menu appears then go to New Snapshot. When you release your mouse, another dialog box will appear. You must enter in it the name “unsharp eyes”, then click OK.

This means that you have to be watchful when photographing waterfalls during the day. Reason being shadows of the forest trees may be harsh and can disrupt Data Masking your photographs.

Use that old toothbrush as a cleaning tool that can get to small spaces that you can’t reach, such as the corners in your kitchen cabinets. What’s more, it will save wear and tear on your fingernails.

Next, select the brush tool. Use the drop-down menu to select the round brush with the feathered edge. Also, select a brush size with a diameter that is slightly longer than the height of the background image. Click here to learn more about the brush tool.

The first three people who saw the image all laughed out loud…a good indication that the image would be a successful stock photo. I submitted it to Blend Images for consideration as a Rights Managed image…and they liked and accepted it. The final steps in the process included using an ftp site to upload the image, the metadata, and the model releases (yes…I needed releases for each model). Now, in about six months I will know if I have a successful concept stock photo!