The Lean Manufacturing And Lean Manufacturing

In the manufacturing world, companies have been trying to catch up to Japanese companies in efficiency and cost-effectiveness through something called “Lean.” In a nutshell, lean manufacturing is focused on trying to minimize total system cost while simultaneously meeting customer demand and quality requirements.

For the beginning recordist, the purchase of a USB microphone for about $25 may well get them to the quality level that is right for their needs. If that still doesn’t get you there, you can add to your set-up in a modular fashion, usually less than $100 at a time, just until you are able to produce what you need and no more.

Nepotism and Fraternization can create as many problems, as waste and some of the other issues. General Motors is an excellent example of the situation with nepotism. If you have several relatives working for you or husband and wife or friends, you are creating an atmosphere of favoritism and are encouraging many different problems. If you have friends who work for you, they may be allowed to go unchecked on bad decisions or errors. You may be tempted to look the other way because they are your friends. Family members working in the same company create a situation for losing two employees vs one, in the case of firing, relocation, and other family related occurrences.

Learn to Close. Closing is the most learned skill in the profession. When a prospect objects about the price, color, service, or anything else, the sales pro knows exactly how to respond down to the specific words. At the point of the objection, there is no time to think. All thought should be directed toward body language and preparing the next 3-4 steps in the sales cycle.

Teams charged with the development of new legislation? Increasing automation and instituting lean soluciones y materiales techniques? Maximizing system robustness? Make note of whatever it is about the job that keeps you enthused and energized, and keeps your eyes off of the clock.

There are too many companies in the United States and around the world that have had success implementing 5S techniques to think they are just a fad. The Toyotas, Harley Davidsons, General Electrics and thousands of others who have had success would argue that anyone can do it, but it does require discipline and the desire for success.

Use these tips to focus on identifying what brings you happiness and fulfills your sense of purpose. Do that and you’re sure to find your ideal job, shift from I hate my job to I have my dream job, and set your course on a new career path.