The Best At Home Workout For Weight Loss

Sit-ups are probably the most common type of work out on the planet. This is because of the fact that about 70 percent of the population has problems with their belly fat. There are also so many different kinds and variations of the classic sit-up. This is because sit-ups are the most obvious ingredient in an abs workout plan. Unfortunately, what most people do not know is that sit-ups and the different kinds of lying down crunches are not necessarily the most effective way to workout your abs. In fact, after a while they become ineffective and a waste of your time.

Do you like to dance or maybe you where a high school or college athlete. Maybe you have never done any type of exercise before and this is your first time. There are many home workout routines that can meet your needs. Maybe you have a busy schedule. Well there are home workout routines for you too. To put it simply, “There is no Excuse”. It is time to think about yourself and take charge of your health and fitness.

Well, that depends on your own genetics and life style. I would advise you to experiment with both the workout s to see which Let’s connect gives you the best gains.

Crunches can be done 1 or 2 ways. Avoid doing standard floor crunches which can strain the low back. Plus it will tempt you to put pillows or cushions under you which will compromise your results. Standing crunches are more effective and are less likely to cause injury. The standing opposite elbow to knee, starts by standing with one arm over your head and as you bring it down across your body, you raise your opposite knee until your elbow and knee touch (or as close as you can get). Then do the opposite side. The other option is the standing oblique twist where you stand feet shoulder width apart. Hold a weighted object in front of you with both hands such as a gallon jug of water. Keep your hips in place while you move your arms to the left then back to center, then to the right.

First, however, this free weight lifting workout plan is intended for those who presently have very little or no experience with weight lifting, weight training, or other forms of progressive resistance training. So if you do already have experience, you won’t find anything new here. These are just the basics to get folks started.

Deadlift: Hold both dumbbells so they hang at your side. Squat as above. trying not to let the dumbbells pull you forward. There will be a tendency towards a little more forward movement than with the squat itself, and you may have to bend your back a little more. Be careful with this and be sure that you are not bending way over and putting a big strain on your lower back muscles as they try to straighten you workout plan back up.

Poor eating: Eating contributes more than eighty percent of the way we look. With poor eating that involves eating a takeaway meal after a workout would not help.

Fortunately, technology is starting to catch up to help with some of the problems the average person faces in regard to fitness and working out. Knowledge and motivation are the keys and your iPod (or MP3), yes your iPod, has actually come up with an amazing solution.