Manna Food Center In Montgomery County Needs Teen Volunteers

Are you braced? If you are one of the “smart” ones and have started to purchase bulk foods, grains, cereals, etc. and have started a home food storage program, make sure you implement the following tips to ensure your food stays dry, fresh, and insect/ pest free.

The second part of your electrical system should be a small wind charger. 400 Watt models are modestly priced and readily available. Combining a wind charger with your solar system will greatly increase the amount of power you have available.

One factor that adversely affects long term food storage is humidity. Humidity can affect essential food products like rice, bread, and grain. These products are attractive to molds. If you expose to a certain degree of warmth and moisture, they will certainly be infested with molds in no time. For this, you can use an anti-mold desiccant that are natural and non-toxic.

This is also a good time to switch from water to a Pediatric Electrolyte drink to help keep them hydrated and keep their energy up. They will need at least 48 ounces of fluid every 24 hours, so make sure that you have several bottles of this in your kit for each child.

You’re obviously intelligent enough to know that a good number of processed foods have an indefinite shelf life and they don’t spoil within a few days – something that is a trademark of real food. Oh yes, they may start out with real food ingredients. But along with it are added ton loads of chemical preservatives which just spoil the whole thing. Then they have to go through certain processes (bleaching, drying, heating, freeze drying, evaporating, etc.) and the last thing they would ever resemble would be your grandmother’s best home-cooked meal.

Phil Miller, conference president of St. Philip Benizi in Black Canyon City, was on a routine home visit with his wife to a mobile home. After delivering an Survival UK box to Mike, a handicapped Vietnam veteran, Phil noticed the condition of his shoes. Riddled with holes and ripped almost in half, Phil asked what size he wore. When Mike said he was a size 10, Phil slipped off his own shoes and handed them over without a second thought.

Stock up on bottled water if you have a well pump: Buy 3 or 4 2-3 gallon containers of water and store them in the back of a closet or the basement. You will need this water to drink, cook with, wash dishes and brush your teeth. Water will also be needed to flush the toilet. If you intend to reuse plastic water bottles, the Food & Drug Administration recommends washing the bottle with hot, soapy water between uses.

Pain to safe drinking water in containers and keep some ready-made chlorine tablets to disinfect water for drinking. You can do all this and more on the cheap it’s just not as simple as the purchase of emergency food aid already made. In any case the choice is quite good. Just come with a set of food and survival to be prepared to hunker down. Be prepared.