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If you want to put up a virtual presence through a blog or site, you might want to use WordPress for it. Of course, there are many other options that you can consider for setting up your website or blog but there are at least five top reasons why you shouldn’t look at the other options.

Under the See my reading list tab, there will be two options. One is Box. This is for the small sidebar box. Click Add to enable it. The other option Tab will add a tab to your profile were your latest blog posts will be listed. Click on Add to enable that option. Facebook also provides a privacy option to choose who gets to see your blog posts.

This listing displays in Google search, on the right side (or on top) of the generic search results. Since you only earn when someone buys the product/service – it is vital to know exactly what you are doing, in this, or you could lose your shirt.

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TweetBacks: You can import tweets about your blog posts into your comments with this helpful tool. There is an option to display these tweets with regular blog comments or you can show them separately. It is a great way to encourage more conversations on your blog and keep readers informed about what people are saying about your posts on Twitter.

He narrates from a first-person perspective and adds a great deal of humor at just the right spots in this film to keep it from being in any way dull for the average viewer.

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