Learn To Play Guitar Chords – Five Mistakes To Knock Out When Learning Guitar Chords

There is no doubt that P!nk’s “Truth About Love” tour is the arena spectacle of the year. Friday night in Atlanta she played Philips Arena and proved that the spectacle wasn’t about her music; it wasn’t about her voice; it wasn’t about her on-stage entourage; it wasn’t about P!nk’s stage presence nor was it about her stage set. It was about the combination of all those things; but it became truly spectacular when she left the stage.

A tight budget might make paying for classes impossible. You can still work through a basic bass guitar lesson without paying. Many companies and professionals offer free courses that you can download or work through online. Some even create modules on social networking sites to help you get started.

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The next thing you’ll want to have worked on is strumming. Set up a smooth, steady and relaxed up and down rhythm with your strumming arm. Leave the wrist relaxed while strumming and just get the feel of strumming. You get different strumming rhythms by selectively “missing” on certain up and down strokes while strumming. Think of mimicking your favorite acoustic tune.

Billy Powell, with the release of “Free Bird” showed the world that there was room in rock and roll for southern boogie piano. Billy Powell’s keyboard work wasn’t the electric organ from the late sixties. This was boogie-woogie, not acid trip rock!

Most courses will teach you the basics but after that it comes down to you. How much do you want to learn to play the guitar? And regardless of how much you like music or a particular song, it will ultimately take discipline to practice and keep music on your mind. A good skill to master to improve your musical discipline is to practice at least 15 minutes each day. This good habit will have a compounding effect on your discipline and could turn your interest of learning the guitar into a passion.