How To Apply For Your Dream Job

Now is the time to respond to the job ads and get your resume out there again! The number of job listings right now is higher than the last 6 months – jump in and respond to the job ads that you want rather than ‘take a break’ for the holidays. One job seeker yesterday said she has 4 interviews this week – the most she’s had all year!

Contact hiring managers to ask questions by phone or in person. Or try contacting someone in a department of interest and see if they’ll chat with you for 10 minutes about what it’s like to work there.

You will need to have some search criteria to find the coach that is right for you. If your issues are work related you might want a business coach, a career coaching certification singapore, an executive coach or a corporate coach. If you have personal issues, you might want a personal coach, a life coach or a relationship coach. Another search criteria might be your country if you prefer to be coached by someone there.

Follow your path and apply for jobs you are qualified to perform. Ideally, your education, experience, skill set and natural behaviors should fit the position job requirements.

Finally he began researching the companies that were hiring to find out more about what they wanted. (I call this informational inter viewing and is one of the first tactics I discuss with clients. Not sure why he left it to last.) The result was that he assisted a company VP in defining a job description for a position. The title was product manager but Mr. Kroog suggested that it needed to include elements of marketing as well as production to encompass the realities of the market today.

Once you’re aligned with the possibilities, trust that you will figure this out and believe in yourself. You can find a career you truly enjoy. I’ve helped many people do it and I’ve done it myself. I have faith that you can do the same!

Jacques Plante : Jake the Snake was an ice hockey goaltender who played for the Montreal Canadiens. He is credited as the first regular user of the goalie mask and is considered one of the most important innovators of hockey today. Working with experts, he developed and tested many versions of the goaltender mask, including a forerunner to today’s mask/helmet combination.

Go volunteer! While you are waiting for the responses to your job submissions, find ways to help others this time of year. The holidays highlight the plight of so many who are worse off than the rest of us and there are many ways you can help directly by volunteering your time. Whether at the local food bank, homeless shelter, hospice or senior center, the gift of yourself and your caring are invaluable gifts you can make.