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Classroom management is one of the most difficult aspects of being an ESL teacher. First, there are the cultural differences of what methods and punishments are appropriate. There is also the language barrier. To me, it’s also no surprise that the classes with the most discipline problems also have the highest number of kids who dislike English. If you’re an ALT working in a public school in Japan, you’ll most likely be team teaching with another Japanese teacher. In this case, you won’t really be required to maintain class control but you may find yourself teaching alone sometimes. So let’s take a look at classroom management and see if there is something that you can apply to your class.

During my creative mini retreat, I pack look at other links items into a bag to take with me. I also have a note book in my bag. The notebook has sections for various creative projects I am working on currently. In each section of my notebook, I have created a mind map. I was introduced to the concept of mind mapping years ago, while living in England with my family, through Tony Buzan’s book, Mind Maps. It is an engaging way to connect with your right brain and brainstorm ideas for working projects.

How humility works, then, is it functions as courage to sacrifice the want for self-protection – it risks what it could falsely preserve; but it also knows that if it preserves falsity, that very falsity might be revealed; then embarrassment, and harm to reputation, would be cubed.

Just as in sports the winning margin is small. The “winners edge” – the difference between first and second place is measured in very small increments. Sometimes in a race this can be tneths, even hundreds of a second. In business, especially in home based businesses the margin between the top earner and the rest of the pack is equalliy slim..

The road we find ourselves on however is not a straight path in any one direction. Women and men jaunt off in all directions. Responsibilities coupled with the desire to be successful in all we do. Are we successful husbands, wives, parents, co-workers, and friends? Are we motivated enough to continue this success? To get there is the paradox of having and obtaining more motivation to in the end be more successful.

Whether you are going for networking purposes or for personal growth the important thing is to get there. Networkers are people who are looking to improve their lives. The latter is a good crow to be around because they are going somewhere or at least they are looking. The Internet has even made it easier for those people who can never find the time to go to meetings.

How aware are you of what your people think of you? Here’s a crazy idea: ask them. Ask for feedback on how you’re doing. Better yet, ask a team member for some coaching! When you make them a partner in your own leadership development, everybody wins. It’s possible to turn a disgruntled employee completely around… last month he spent his time watching you, judging you, and talking to others about what a weenie you are… this month, he’s still watching and judging, but now he’s thinking about what he can do to help you! Your results may vary, but I’ve seen it work exactly that way.

The bottom line is this: distraction is better than reaction. If you plan your lessons well, with plenty of fun and interesting activities, the children will be so wow’ed (distracted) by the fun they’re having that, other than small spats, there shouldn’t be any real need for corporal style discipline. On the other hand, when a student decides to challenge your authority, it’s like boiling water. As the water heats up, there’s one bubble and then another and another and before you know it, you’re cooked. If one student gets away with misbehaving, you’ll soon have a whole class room of students misbehaving.