Buying A Used Car In Los Angeles: Discover How To Pay Less Than Dealer’s Prices

If your car is new enough to have an onboard computer (usually 1996’s and up) you can take it to a car parts store like CheckerAuto, AutoZone or your mechanic (if you can afford it) so they can plug into the onboard computer with their diagnostic device to retrieve “trouble codes” from your car. Most mechanics will charge you for this, but I know CheckerAuto and AutoZone will do it free, when your check engine is on. Sometime getting the car to one of these places is near impossible, especially when the SOB will not start. Most of the time I am luck enough that the car breaks down at home.

Fix Big-Ticket Items – Has your car been stalling? Has the transmission been slipping? These symptoms can indicate serious and potentially costly problems, even complete engine failure, which could cost $2,000 or more to fix. It’s best to get such repairs done before your car is out of warranty.

FSH has nothing to do with fish, at least to my knowledge. Rather this means you will be receiving the full service history of the car, quite an important factor when purchasing a used car.

A cat-back exhaust is called a cat-back exhaust because it is located after the recycle catalytic converters. It is made up of pipes and a muffler. These pipes are of larger diameter and have special bends so that the back pressure is minimized. The function of the muffler is to absorb the sound that the exhaust gases would make. The final vent from where the exhaust gases enter the atmosphere is a visible part of the cat-back exhaust and is often stylized to add to the aesthetics of the car.

Traction control – Stops or prevents your wheels from losing traction and spinning. Sensors detect of a cars wheel is though to be spinning too fast and steps in to correct this, by applying the brake or reducing power.

You have to raise your car or truck using high quality jack and jack stands. Make sure that it is secure to go underneath before doing anything with the car.

Make sure that your tires are inflated to the correct pressure. Under inflation by 7psi will waste half a gallon of fuel in every tank. Inflating to the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines -which are based on cold tires, so use the petrol station nearest your start point to avoid your tyres warming up and being inflated to the incorrect psi.

You can search the internet and get a list of the cars and the manufacturers who offer warranties for the new 2008 models of cars. The different types of warranties can also be obtained. So, make an informed choice and choose the 2008 new vehicle warranty that you want to get for your new car.