Article Writing – A Simple, Easy-To-Follow Guide For Beginners

If you could make money online and had $275 cash stuffed right in your bank account every day, what would you do with that money? You could pay off debt, get a fast car, or buy a nice little beach house with a boat. That $275 may not seem like a lot of money, but that quickly ads up to over $8,00 a month, which you can do a lot of things with.

It’s easy to get into conversation with your existing customers but social media lets you get into conversation with the people you want to be your customers. Suppose you want to access an entirely new niche market but don’t know anything about that market. No problem. Use Alltop, Twitter, or Google to find out where those people are conversing and what they’re talking about. Take some time to lurk and listen. Learn the terminology and understand the concerns of that market. Then begin joining the conversation in very specific ways and measure how well your ideas are being picked up and spread. You couldn’t join the conversation nearly as easily in the real world.

Now if you’re stuck on ideas for Online content everyday, there are some things that you can do. The first thing that you can do is outsource your content generation. You can go to a freelance website, and find a freelance writer who can create 500-700 word articles for you like clockwork. They will probably charge you $5 to $10 per article, but if it is SEO optimized, then this maybe a good proposition for you.

Keyword research tool is a very useful method to find topics to write about. If you have not heard of it, there are two best keyword research tools available online. Google’s External Keyword Research tool and WordTracker’s Keyword Research Tool. Both of them are free to use. All you have to do is to type in any keyword phrase related to your niche and these tools come up with the key phrases that people actually use to search online. This method helps you in two ways. In one way, you are able to find topics to write articles on and in another way you are now writing on something that people actually want to read about.

Second, make sure that your topics are related to what you are selling online. I mean… you could write about anything, and I’m not here to tell you that you can’t, but if you want to get people who are likely to purchase your products, you need to write about Widen your horizon related to your products. If you want to earn your readers trust, I suggest that you only write about what you know.

You can probably tell that I know nothing about cake making. Let’s continue. The next thing you need to do is to create five different sub-topics for each of the five main topics created above. So for the first topic which is “How do you create a fruit cake”; so here goes, five sub topics for creating a fruit cake; a) how do you create a pineapple cake, how do you create an apple cake, how do you create an orange cake, how do you create a blueberry cake, how do you create a mixed fruit cake.

Remember, your success depends on your DAILY and consistent habits. It’s about doing a little bit over a long period of time that will enable your marketing efforts to compound out. For example, you don’t gain 20 pounds in an instant when you eat a Big Mac. But if you eat a Big Mac everyday, for a year, you WILL gain 20 pounds. Okay, that’s kind of a bad example… But just understand that if you develop simple habits and execute them daily, you WILL succeed!